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The Hammer Swing

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The Hammer Swing Concept

The Hammer Swing is the very latest in Golf swing Concepts. It is a task lead style of golf coaching that relates the golf swing to the task of hammering a Nail with a mallet.  When people swing the mallet it gives them clarity in what they are trying to do, not only do they get a better sense of where the club face is pointing in relation to what they are hitting, but they also achieve..

  • Better swing planes
  • Better impact positions
  • Increased Lag angles
  • Improved forwards shaft leans
  • Increased power
  • Improved striking
  • Consistent swing thoughts
  • Improved direction

The motion has been broken down into 5 Simple Keys , these key areas are important things that take place in any good Hammer Swing.  Quite often, all of the these key positions can be achieved simply by focussing on the task of hammering a nail! For those of you that don’t know.  We have two parts to our mind, the subconscious and conscious.  The conscious mind makes the decisions as to what it wants the body to do and the subconscious mind takes care of the movement of the muscles in the body, eg.  If I make a conscious decision that I want to walk from A to B, I don’t consciously instruct my left leg to move in front of the right leg, the subconconscious brain takes care of it.  If I were to consciously instruct the legs what to do, the whole movement would be tense and not free flowing.

 The same thing appilies to the golf swing, if we consciously instruct the body what to do when swinging the golf club, this will lead to the motion becoming tense and out of synch.  When learning golf, it’s much better to look at the task at hand, and let your subconscious brain react to that task, as it will tell the body what to do.  Besides being taught golf with a learning style that doesn’t suit the way our minds work, we are also being taught incorrect content.  There is something that is massively out in the way that the fundamentals of golf are being taught today and this is also causing everybody big problems. The typical problems I hear everyday on most of the global golf forums are…

  • I’m Swinging across the line
  • I’m Flipping the club
  • I’m extending my right arm too early
  • I’m Losing lag
  • I Can’t lead with the right elbow on the downswing
  • My hips don’t rotate open on impact

What people don’t realise is that all of these swing faults could be so easily fixed if they were to follow one simple task…“Hit a nail forwards and downwards with a hammer!  The Hammer Swing does not break the motion down into 20 different positions, in fact we rarely talk about positions in our stlye of coaching as it is more task lead.  When we give golf lessons we set the simple task of Hammering a nail forwards and downwards.  We then observe how people perform this task.  If we can see something in a particular area of their Hammer Swing  that we think could improve, we can then make people aware of this position and give them different feelings and options as to how they could make it better and then let them decide which option feels best.