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Nathan Rhodes

Having seen a dramatic change in my playing partners game I asked him how he had suddenly gone from making triple bogies on every hole to making bogies, pars and even the occasional birdie. He told me about the DVD he had got on the internet and it didn’t seem like too much money so I decided to get it myself.I’d been playing golf badly since I began the game three years ago. I’d taken a few lessons in the past but had quite an un unorthodox swing due to the amount of cricket I’d played in the past. I found that whenever I took a lesson I would end up getting confused and my golf would get worse.

Having seen the difference in my friend I thought that I would give it another try. The thing I really liked about Ben’s coaching methods were that they were simple and looked at the golf swing as a single movement, rather than when I’d been taught previously the coach would break it down into 6 different things which was way too much to think about for me.


Ben’s coaching style suited me because it allowed me to stay relaxed and I felt like my swing was natural and could flow. By performing the baseball swings I identified that my golf swing was too narrow and this was causing me to hit a lot of top shots.

I started to widen my circle which completely eliminated the top and increased by distanced significantly because I was starting to hit the middle of the club for the first time. My long game started to get better on the course which was timely because prior to that my friend was kicking my butt week in week out which was costing me money in lost bets!

Sods law though, as soon as my long game got better my short game started to go off the boil! I don’t know why? Maybe because before when I had a 20 foot putt for double bogey I would try harder and quite often make it but now these same putts are for par or birdie I was missing them or even 3 putting sometimes so my score wasn’t coming down as much as I felt it should.

I saw the chapter on putting and realised that when I was putting I was focussing on completely the wrong thing. My focus when putting had previously been on the stroke because I always used to see the putter wobbling about on the backswing so I was trying to keep it straight.

Having seen the DVD I noticed that I’d been holding the putter wrong and that this had been the cause of the poor stroke. I later changed the grip which in turn fixed the swing and then I changed my focus from the stroke to the target. Almost instantly I went from 3 putting to 1 and 2 putting which was amazing considering I hadn’t made any technical changes to my putting stroke.

I’m now at the point where I’m getting disappointed if I don’t hole it from 20 feet! I can highly recommend this DVD to anybody looking to fix their game, the beauty of it is, and what I think sets it apart from other styles of coaching, is that you can make dramatic technical changes with minimal effort.