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Check out some of the testimonials from our happy customers – we make our video’s with the golfer in mind to improve your game and lower your score so you can enjoy playing golf time and time again. Send your testimonials to [email protected]


Nathan Rhodes Cambridgeshire, England

‘Having seen a dramatic change in my playing partners game I asked him how he had suddenly gone from making triple bogies on every hole to making bogies, pars and even the occasional birdie. He told me about the DVD he had got on the internet and it didn’t seem like too much money so I decided to get it myself…’

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Ron Buckenham London, UK

‘When I first came to Ben my golf was in pieces. I’m now much clearer on how to swing the club and I’m playing golf consistently for once!! I really sorted out my chipping too so I’m getting up and down a lot more which is tidying up the score card.’

Mike Kingsbury Nevada, USA

‘Ben is the first pro that I’ve been to, (and I’ve been to lots!), that has been able to explain the swing in a way that I could understand without overcomplicating things.’

Mary Grenville Florida, USA

‘I was hitting every club the same distance which wasn’t very far! Within two weeks of watching the DVD each club was beginning to go different distances and further.’

George Theodore Singapore

‘I didn’t have the confidence to play on the course through fear of embarrassment. The DVD really helped me to lower my score and without me having to practice that hard either which was good because I don’t have much time to devote to that.’

James Humpfries Berks, UK

‘I was having problems topping the ball and then saw the DVD and it changed my concept of what I needed to do. Immediately the top was gone and I was beginning to take divots for the first time ever.’

Olef Homberg Amsterdam, Netherlands

‘The drills that I learnt in this video work great for me because I can do them at home and fit them in around my busy work and family life. Thank you Ben.’

Mark Clayton Northamptonshire, UK

‘I’d been playing golf for 3 years and still hadn’t broken 100. Having watched the DVD it gave me a much better understanding of the long and short game, especially me putting which is now around 32 putts per round as a pose to 54 putts previously.’

Nigel Ayling Hua Hin, Thailand

‘I was forever slicing the ball so much so I was aiming 45 degrees left on each shot. Through a simple explanation my slice turned into a fade, then straight and now I can even hit a draw shot when required. I feel like I am in much better control of the club.’