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Uphill Lie Golf Shot

When hitting a Uphill Lie Golf Shot you need to understand how to set up correctly for this shot in order to achieve the desired outcome. It is also important to know how the golf ball will react from this type of lie. Many golfers are unaware of what they have to do differently for this type of shot which results in them hitting the ball with a heavy contact which will quite often make the ball go in the wrong direction. Like any other awkward lie, know how is key to the perfect execution of this shot and once you have this know how you will find that with a bit of practice you will have no problem when faced with such a challenge.

How to play from an uphill lie in golf

The first thing you will need to do when playing a shot from an uphill lie is aim to the right . The reason for this is that when you swing through the lower body is trapped by the slope and this will stop you from clearing your hips and lead to the upper body taking over. You should then get your shoulders perpendicular to the slope by moving the ball position forwards and the weight on your lower foot, from this position simply perform a normal golf swing and anticipate hitting the draw shot. As the ball will be going more upwards than before, please allow for an extra club per 10 degrees of gradient to the slope.