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The Right Arm in the Golf Swing

What’s the job of The Right Arm in the Golf Swing? At address the right arm is slightly bent, this allows it to fold correctly when you swing the club back. As the arms go back in the backswing the right arm naturally externally rotates which allows the elbow to fold into a 90-degree position at the top. At this point the elbow will be pointing to the ground just behind your trail foot. The incorrect right arm move is to pull it back like you are starting a lawnmower as this will cause you to get stuck on the way back down into the ball which will lead to pushes and hooks when you flip the club.

The roll of the right elbow in the golf swing

As you start the downswing what most people are unsure of his how close that right elbow stays to the body, most people, especially those that have practiced baseball swings will extend the right elbow to early before impact will which cause high hands and a straightening of their posture angles. After this point you don’t really need to think about the right arm as the rest will take care of itself.