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The Putting Stroke In Golf

The putting stroke in golf is swung from the elbows and not from the shoulders.  This is a classic mistake that both golf coaches and students make alike. The golf putting stroke over the years has always been explained as a rocking motion from the shoulders. The current mode of thinking and the putting stroke that is being performed by the best putters in the world today is certainly not a rocking of the shoulders. The problem with rocking from the shoulders is that your tendency will be to hood the club on the backswing and then push the club on the way through so your club face will go from closed to open as a pose to square to your putting plane.

Putting stoke in golf Use the elbows to swing not the shoulders

When you putt you should feel as if the elbows are moving the putter this will cause the body to rotate slightly and will form a natural arc to your putting stroke. The putter face will remain square to this arc. If you putt by rocking your shoulders you will tilt instead of turning causing a closed club face on the backswing and an open club face on the through swing making it harder for you to keep the ball on it’s intended line.

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