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The Perfect Takeaway

The perfect takeaway in golf is something that has been written about over the years and there has been many conflicting ideas as to how you do it. Some books will say that you need to move the hands, arms and body away in one piece, others say you use the body more, others say you use the hands more. In this video it tells you how the pros do it and there is a simple drill to give you a feeling of how it’s done. Once you know the secret of the perfect takeaway it will set you up nicely to perform the rest of the swing. If you start the golf swing motion in the wrong way then you will always be playing catch up throughout the rest of the motion.

Taking the golf club away correctly

The following video describes the perfect takeaway and refers to the what part of the body you start the takeaway with. It goes into detail about how to get the start of the swing in the right synchronization so that the rest of the body will follow suit. It also talks about the correct plane to take the club away on as well as the correct amount of club face rotation required to ensure that you get into the right position at the top.