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The Perfect Golf Posture

Learning the perfect golf posture is vital before the golf swing can even be talked about.  It is of paramount importance that the correct golfing fundamentals are in place, without these, numerous swing faults could occur. With the golf swing being a rotational body movement, it is vital that we put the spine in a position where it can rotate effectively. The spine rotates at it’s optimum when it is in a straight position, if it’s not in a straight position i.e. Hunched or rounded, rather than rotating it will move from side to side in a lateral swaying motion causing huge inconsistencies in the way you hit the golf ball, we must have the Perfect Golf Posture.

Best Golfing posture

Put your spine is in a nice straight position with the lower spine/pelvis tilted upward, make sure you have a slight inward curve to the lower back and make sure the chin is pushed back slightly so that it’s still in a comfortable position and doesn’t feel strained. Once the back is nice and straight it is then time to work on the lower body stability. Push the backside out with the legs straight and feel the weight going onto the heels, you will feel a stretching tension on the back of the hamstrings. Then simply bend the knees just enough to remove that tension so that the weight moves forward onto the feet just behind the balls. Now you have achieved a nice balanced stable place to swing the club from.