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The Lob Shot In Golf

The lob shot in golf is an extremely important shot and one that you must possess if you want to play to your true potential. So what is the lob shot and when would we use it on the golf course? The lob shot is a shot that is performed either with a sand wedge or ideally with a lob wedge. It is a shot that goes very high but not a long distance. It may go 8 meters in the air but only 5 meters forwards. The purpose of the shot is to use it when you want to get the ball up and over something like a green side bunker when the pin is cut just on the green and you don’t have much green to work with or in situations where you want the ball to go up but land softly and not run a long way.

How to play the Lob Shot in golf

When playing the lob shot it is important that you make the correct set up changes. You want to be setting up for a lob shot in the same way that you would set up for a bunker shot. The feet should be pointing left of target with a wider stance than normal, the ball should be positioned forwards in the stance and you should squat down more with your posture to lower your center of gravity and help you to perform a shallower angle of attack into the ball. With an open club face on address you should then perform the swing for the lob shot mainly with the arms when you swing through the impact zone the idea is to keep the club face open as you swing through to maintain the loft on the club face, this will help the ball to go up.