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The Golf Hammer

In my 15 plus years of teaching golf, The Golf Hammer really is the simplest way of learning golf whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. The things that it really helps with are it stops people scooping the ball because with golf we use a club with loft and the task is to get the ball into the air, it’s amazing how this confuses so many golfers. With the golf Hammer, we set the task of hitting the ball along the ground and this immediately gets people into great impact positions with forward shaft lean and good weight transfer. It gives you much better control of the club face when you swing with a straight face club and you are thinking about hammering a nail, it’s amazing how your awareness of where the club face is in relation to being square to the path and nail improves, straight away you can sense if the club face is opening on the way back and coming into impact.

Why is the Golf Hammer so good?

It helps with swing plane issues if you were holding the golf hammer and the task was to hammer a nail, you wouldn’t swing inside on the way back or out to in, by simplifying the task what you will find is that your Hammer swings right up and down the plane line when you are only thinking of the task.