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The Correct Putting Grip In Golf

Having the The Correct Putting Grip In Golf is important when holing those 10 footers!  There are many different ways to grip a putter but the most common grip used on the world stage today is the reverse overlap. There are some distinct differences between the correct putting grip in golf vs a conventional golf club. The main one being that when you hold a putter the grip will sit more through the lifeline on the palm of the hands as a pose to when you grip a golf club for a full swing you would sit the grip much more in the fingers.

Golf The putting grip

The reason why you would hold a putter in the palm instead of the fingers is because when putting you don’t want any form of wrist movement. This is obviously different when you perform the full swing because in the full swing you require lots of wrist hinge to generate club head speed. To hold a putter correctly, sit the grip through the lifeline of the left hand, place all of the fingers around the club and the thumb on top. Then remove the index finger and apply the right hand on, again sitting the putter grip through the lifeline of the palm, wrap the fingers around and sit the thumb on top. Then with the left index finger let it rest at full length on top of the fingers on the right hand. Both palms should be apposing each other.