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The Correct Putter Set Up In Golf

Good putting depends a lot on if you have The Correct Putter Set Up In Golf.   If you have the incorrect putter set up it will cause the putting stroke to be offline resulting in a lot of missed putts left or right of the hole. The major factors with setting up to a putt is the grip, the ball position, the posture and balance as well as the position that the arms are hanging in.

How to stand to the ball when putting in golf

With putting you want your feet to be roughly shoulder width apart with the ball positioned 2 finger widths to the left of your sternum. When the ball is placed in this position it will help in creating the top spin as the ball leaves the putter face allowing the ball to stay on it’s intended line. The back should be quite straight apart from the back of the neck which should be parallel to the ground. The arms should hang naturally under the shoulders with the elbows facing behind you and the arms slightly flexed. The final thing to be aware of is that your weight is evenly distributed between both feet and your balls and your heels, this will help with the plane of the putting stroke.