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Swoosh drill golf

Although in my opinion the Swoosh drill golf doesn’t give you the exact feeling of what the right arm should be doing in the golf downswing what it does do is remove the tension out of peoples hands and arms. This drill is for people that are trying really hard to hit the ball with their hands and arms from the top of the swing. They are trying to generate power with tension as a pose to centrifugal force and a good transition.

Golf down swing transition Drill

When performing the swoosh drill the idea is to get the golf club whooshing 2-3 feet before impact, to attain the whoosh the best thing to do is remain relaxed with your arm and hands. What most people find initially is that their whoosh will be taking place more at the start of the downswing instead of before impact. Once you have the feeling turn the golf club the other way up and try to imagine the whoosh happening in the same place.