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Strong grip vs neutral grip golf

Strong grip vs neutral grip golf? Which is the best? For me personally there is no, one fits all grip although the better players are in general adopting much stronger grips these days. If I relate the golf swing to hammering a nail with a mallet, I personally would set up to the nail with a much stronger grip for two main reasons. It feels like I’d be able to impart more force with this grip and secondly it feels as though I can keep the clubface square to the path easier where as with a stronger grip I can feel it open more.

Stronger grip vs. regular grip

With a regular grip the forearms are in a neutral position and can rotate open and closed no problem, but when doing so, the clubface will only be pointing at the target for a very short space of time. Where as with a strong grip the clubface stays squarer for longer on the way down into impact and providing you hold the clubface open through impact, the clubface will be pointing square to the path for about 1 meter.