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Stop Swinging Across the Line

Swinging across the line at the top of the golf swing can cause some directional problems in the golf swing. The reason for this is that you will start the down swing more from the inside and you will need to move more laterally with the hips to get the club head anywhere remotely near the correct impact plane. Typically from this position you will be leaning back too far and then your hands will flip over causing hooks. If we can get the club pointing just to the left of the target at the top of the swing this will make life a lot easier when starting the downswing.

How to stop swinging across the line in the golf backswing

There are three possible causes of swinging the club across the line in your golf backswing. These are, over rotating your body, over rotating the club face causing your wrist to be cupped at the top of the swing or separating your right elbow from the body at the top of the swing. A good drill to stop the over rotation of the body is to move the right foot back, this will give you a feeling of a lessor amount of body rotation on the backswing. To stop over rotating the club remember to keep your right hand on top of the shaft in the takeaway and place a head cover in between the right elbow and the torso and perform a backswing making the head cover stay in position to cure the flying right elbow.