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Stop Lagging Putts

Here’s how to stop lagging putts.  There’s an old Irish saying that “99% of putts that are short don’t go in!” Theres nothing worse than being on the golf course and hitting good putts that are on line but then come up short. It is essential to get the ball past the hole if it doesn’t go in. The ideal pace to hit a putt to give it the most chance of going in is for it to finish 18 inches past the hole if it were to miss the hole. Putts hit at this speed will go in more often than putts hit at faster or slower speeds.  Once you have an understanding of what the correct speed is you can then follow this simple drill in the video to help you start rolling your putts at the optimum speed.

Getting your putts past the hole

In this video is a simple drill to get your putts either in, or past the hole if they don’t drop. It involves placing tees behind the hole in a box shape, then getting used to hitting putts at a speed that would make the ball go into the box if they don’t already go in. When you are getting good and either getting the ball in the box or in the hole, you can set yourself targets. If you go in the hole it’s 2 points, in the box 1 point and then anything short of the hole is -1 point. Out of 5 balls from 15 feet you should aim to score 3 points to begin with then try to beet your score each time.