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Short Putting Drills

Short Putting Drills are usefull because it’s amazing how sometimes a shot of 3 feet can cause some people more problems than a 300 yard drive. You’ve heard the saying “ Drive for show, putt for dough” well this is very fitting for people that are missing short putts. If you can’t hole these small ones then you can forget about ever making a good score. It’s what the top players do so well, they still hit shots off line from time to time but get them onto the putting service and they will very rarely miss a 3 foot putt.

Drills Short putts

The drill in this video will teach you all about how to make putts from 3 foot. Good putting once you have the correct set-up is inevitable. You should never get too technical with your putting stroke, you’re thoughts should always be on the target. That is what the best putters in the world think of when they are putting, either the hole or their ball going into the hole. To produce good putts from short range it’s all about repetition and by doing this drill you will in know time at all become a master from close range. Any fears that you once had from 3 foot putts will be a thing of the past and your scores will come tumbling down.