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Remove Tension From Your Swing

A great way to identify and Remove Tension From Your Swing is to perform either a breathing or a humming exercise as you swing. When you breathe and hum you are continuously exhaling which allows the body to be in a relaxed state rather than when you hold your breath in which puts the body into a tense condition.

Breathing and humming exercise

To perform this exercise simply set up to the golf ball. Then just before you start the swing take a deep breath. Then exhale and begin to start the swing, the task is to keep the exhale going throughout the entire swing keeping the exhale as smooth as you possible can. This is a great drill to stop you focussing on hitting the ball too much as if there is any big effort to hit the ball this will stand out in the exhale. The same applies to humming, only rather than getting a smooth exhale you will try to hum in the same tone throughout the swing