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Remove Tension From Your Golf Swing

Learning how to Remove Tension From Your Golf Swing  is one of themost important things to know in order to play good golf.  Tension is one of the biggest killers amongst most amateur golfers and it is usually there because they are trying to do something that their friend has told them or they are simply trying to hard to hit the ball. If I had a pound for every time somebody came to me with a very tense left arm I would be a millionaire. The reason why they have tense left arms is because their friends have told them to keep it straight. Most of the time the left arm breaks down because of the grip not being on the club correctly which affects the amount that the wrist can hinge, if the wrist can’t hinge then the elbow will.

How to remove tension from your Golf Swing

The following video talks about the main causes of tension in the swing and the main areas of the body to check for tension. The main areas where tension will build up will be the grip, wrists arms shoulders and upper torso. The video will explain a simple way of how you should just react to the movement of the club head and simply let the body follow completely tension free. Once you have felt the swing in this relaxed form you will realize that all that effort was completely unnecessary and that you will actually hit the ball a lot further with less effort. Once tension has been removed from the swing you will also be in a better position to start making swing changes.