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Pre Shot Routine For Golf

Having a good Pre Shot Routine For Golf  is vitally important when it comes to being consistent on the golf course. If you are always approaching the shot in the same way each time it will eliminate any doubt in your mind as to something not being right. I can remember that used to happen with me before I had a pre-shot routine, I would often stand over a ball with doubt in my mind because I knew that something didn’t feel quite right.

Building the correct golfing Pre-Shot Routine

A good pre shot routine for golf  starts with the player standing directly behind the target and the ball. In this position he will make a decision on what club to use based on the lie, shape of hole, yardage and weather conditions. Once you have made your mind up on which club to use, the next step would be to stand with a positive physiology and visualize the perfect shot. Then take a positive walk into the ball, get comfortable in your posture and aim correctly. Once you are in position have one or two looks and then execute the swing.