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Practicing for Golf

Practicing for Golf takes on many different forms. Your pre Game Practicing should be a lot different to how you would practice during the week at your local driving range. When we practice at the range during the week we should be going there in between lessons with our specific drills that we need to work on in. Also, when practicing at the range during the week it is best to try and film yourself so that you can see if you are doing what your pro has asked you to do. If you are looking at your golf swing on camera when practicing your practice will not be as effective as it could be.

Effective Golf Practicing

This short video will help you to understand the exact way you should be practicing before a round of golf. Practice before play differs from conventional practice because we are trying to get are brains into scoring mode. When I practice before a round I set out parameters for where the fairway would be and then I try to hit it. If I miss the fairway then I will play a recovery shot to the green, if I miss the green I will then play a chip shot. This tricks my mind into thinking that the round has already begun which gets me scoring better early on the round.