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Posture rounded back

Posture rounded back is a very common fault that I see with a lot of my clients. When they set up to the ball their shoulders are very close together and tense, as well as this their arms are tense and their elbows are very close together. This will have a lot of detrimental effects to the swing, firstly, because their shoulders are forwards this causes the upper spine to be rounded and will affect the way their body rotates in the golf swing, secondly, because their arms are tense this will cause a lack of wrist hinge in the backswing leading to a flat swing plane.

The correct shoulder position and arm hang

To rectify this bad posture I have devised a simple drill to help you to get your shoulders in the correct position, this in turn will help to relax your arms and straighten your back. The drill consists of holding the club in the left hand, then lift both shoulders upwards, then backwards and then downwards. This will sit the shoulders back on top of the torso in a wider position. From there you simply let the arms hang naturally then grip the club making sure that your arms are hanging in a relaxed position. From this place, you will be able to rotate better and produce better golf shots.