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Perfect Golf Set-Up

Having the Perfect Golf Set-Up is a vital part of the golfing fundamentals and it is overlooked by many players and coaches a like. The golfing stance relates to three things, the width of your stance, the position of your spine angle(from face on) and your arm hang. To create good stability when swinging the club it is important to have at least a shoulder width stance although some of the top players today will go even wider. Obviously the wider you stand the harder it is to rotate the upper body so you need to get the balance between stability and mobility especially if you are not that flexible.

Getting the Correct Golfing Set -Up

The spine angle should be tilted about 10 degrees away from the target when you set up, this will greatly reduce the chance of you reverse pivoting on your backswing allowing you to swing through in the correct manor. The arms should be hanging nice and loosely when you set up to the ball to help you to create a nice rotational golf swing, if there is tension present, it will cause you to pick the golf club up steeply on the backswing and prevent your release on the through swing.