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Stop Over Analysing Your Golf Swing

Do you need to Stop Over Analysing Your Golf Swing?  With golf being a game of such fine margins, it is very easy for you to hit bad shots. Even the best players in the world will have around 7 bad shots in a round and these are people that have been playing the game for 20 plus years on a full time basis. The thing that sets them apart from the average club golfer though is there ability to forget about the shot and not try to analyse why it happened. The problem with over analysing your golf swing is that the conscious mind can only think of one thing at a time so we don’t want to fill our heads up with too many thoughts as this will lead to a tense unnatural movement.

Stop thinking too much when you swing the golf club

Lets say your on the course and you hit a bad shot, the best thing to do would be to accept the bad shot and move onto the next shot focussing on the target only. The problem is over analytical golfers don’t do this. They try and figure out why the bad shot has happened and change something in their swing to counteract the bad shot. This is a risky thing to do for two reasons, the first being that you can’t actually see what you’re analysing so you’re not in a good position to be guessing at what might be wrong and secondly you are just adding another swing thought for your next shot. This correction may work for one or two shots but then another bad shot will come and then you will try something different, now you have two swing thoughts. Before you know it you’ll get to the 9th tee with 4 things in your head that you are trying to do in a golf swing that lasts 2 seconds, it’s not going to work.