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Maintaining height in the golf swing

A classic mistake that a lot of golfers will make is to try and turn the left shoulder underneath the chin too much on the backswing, this in turn will cause their posture angles to drop and will result in either a fat or a thin shot.  Maintaining height in the golf swing is crucial in the backswing.  The ideal way to turn in a golf swing is to maintain your original posture angles and simply rotate around a fixed axis as you perform the golfing backswing.

The correct way to turn in a golf backswing Maintaining height drill

A great drill to help you to maintain your height is to look forwards and fix your eye line to something on the horizon and then swing back. This will then give you the feeling that your upper body is staying up instead of dropping down on the back swing. Once you have that feeling you can then perform the swing with the eyes down at the ground but take the feeling of the posture angles staying up and not dropping. It is also good to do a swing where you let your posture angles drop just so that you can feel the difference between the two positions