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Long Bunker Shot

You may only be faced with the Long Bunker Shot shot once in a round of golf but it could lead to a scorecard wrecker if you don’t possess the correct knowledge of how to recover from this position. When you play a long bunker shot the lip of the bunker, distance of the shot and lie of the ball really dictate your club selection. Never try to hit too much club out of the bunker if you’re not 100% confident that it will be able to get over the lip in front of you.

Getting out of fairway bunkers

When selecting a club always take one more club than you normally would as you have to grip down the shaft slightly with a long bunker shot which takes some of the distance from the club. The ball will also have more backspin on it which will mean it travels up in the air more and not as forwards as with a conventional shot. The main thing to do in the swing is to grip the club slightly tighter, look at the top of the ball and then swing mainly with the arms keeping the lower body relatively still.