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How To Stop Topping The Ball

A topped shot is one that runs along the ground, it never gets in the air. The shot occurs when the leading edge of the golf club hits the top of the ball as a posed to getting underneath the ball. Topping the golf ball is every golfers worst nightmare. Not only is it very embarrassing, but it adds to the pressure of slow play and it can really effect a golfers confidence if they are standing on a hole where they have to hit it over water. Not only that but you can lose a lot of golf balls so the game starts to become expensive.

Golf Tips – How To Stop Topping The Ball from BDGOLFTV on Vimeo.

Curing the top shot

In the video is a detailed description of what the top shot is, what causes it and how it can be cured. There are also some helpful tips and drill to stop you from hitting the top. Areas that are covered are excessive grip pressure, loss of posture angles during the swing and before impact and how to increase your wrist hinge to help you take a divot. Once you can achieve this task the top shot will be a thing of the past and you can enjoy seeing your shots go sailing into the air great distances.