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How to stop a reverse pivot in golf

How to stop a reverse pivot in golf? This is a very commonly asked question. Losing the spine angle or secondary spine tilt at the top of the backswing is a very common fault for a lot of golfers. When they swing the club away in the backswing their left hip moves laterally to the right causing a reverse pivot. From this position they will have no chance of making a good transition and instead they will finish up on their right foot when they hit the ball.

How to stop a reverse pivot

A great drill to fix this issue is to stand with 5-10 degrees of secondary spine tilt against a stick in the ground, then focus on moving the upper body away from the stick whilst keeping the hip attached to the stick. This drill can restrict your turn a little bit so you may need to factor this in a bit when hitting balls but the main feeling that you should be getting is how the left hip stays where it is as the upper body moves behind the ball.