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How to shallow your golf swing

How to shallow your golf swing? If your downswing is too steep or you are swinging down over the top of the plane line this will usually result in you either pulling the ball or slicing it. There are three major causes of an over the top swing, these are, the upper body moves forwards towards the target on the downswing, this steepens the downswing. The hips and shoulders open too start the downswing causing you to swing over the top, this can often be related to an open club face or you are extending the trail arm too soon and this can cause a pull shot.

How to shallow your golf downswing

Now that you are aware of each of these potential over the top causes hopefully now you’ll be able to go away and work on things. Bdgolftv will give you a few things to work on in this video that will hopefully speed up the process..