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How to shallow backswing

How to shallow backswing? If your backswing is too steep it could make coming into the ball at the correct angle harder for you as it will require more re routing of the golf club to achieve it, some players can do this well, namely Jim Furyk but his move is certainly individual to him and not one that I would try to coach someone. The ideal swing plane on the way back is when you fed the shaft up through the right forearm to a position at the top of the swing where your arm is round about parallel with your shoulder turn.

Things that shallow a backswing

If your backswing is too steep and nothing happens on the downswing to shallow this move out, this could result in you taking deep divots on impact. There are numerous different things that could make a backswing too steep, here are just a few to look out for. Make sure you are not over hinging your wrists, this will make it too steep. Make sure you are not just lifting your arms up without turning your body. Make sure that you are not reverse pivoting as this too would steepen the move.