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How To Read Greens

Knowing How To Read Greens can be tricky depending on which part of the world you are playing in. Greens in Europe tend not to be a tricky as those in Asia because you don’t have to factor in the grain as much as the greens are mainly bent grass. There are many things to factor in when reading greens especially the obvious ones which is what direction to hit the ball and at what speed. To collate this data you have to also check to see if the putt is an uphill or downhill one. Once you have all of this information there is still a good chance you will miss the putt because you don’t have the secret of the pro’s, this video will tell you that secret.

Reading Golf Greens

Reading greens correctly will shave shots off your rounds especially if you can hit the putt on the intended line. The best players in the world are obviously good at this and that is why they average about 27 putts a round vs. the average club golfer who is closer to 40. There’s nothing more satisfying than rolling in a big one and this video will tell you how to do it a lot more often. The problem with most people when they read greens is that they don’t hit the ball at the optimum speed and they don’t allow for enough break. This