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How to pitch in golf

Knowing how to pitch in golf is vital if we want low scores. The pitch shot occurs anywhere between 30 yards up to the maximum distance you can achieve with a full pitching wedge shot which for the average player around 100 yards. The pitch shot often gets confused with a chip shot, the main difference is that it is a longer swing. Pitching can be done with a sand wedge and a lob wedge as well as a pitching wedge although most people assume that it can only be played with a pitching wedge. The main set up difference between a pitch and a normal shot is the width of the stance, if I’m only doing a half swing pitch then I will have my feet about half the width of a full swing. You can also put 60% of your weight onto your left foot to help to hit down on the ball.

Golf pitching

The backswing for a pitch shot is much the same as a normal back swing for a full shot, the only difference being the length you swing the club back. I have 3 different backswing lengths when I pitch, 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock and full swing length. Each one of these backswing lengths will produce different length pitch shots. If I hit my full sand wedge 100 yards, my 10 o’clock swing will go 80 yards and my 9 o’clock swing will go 60 yards. The follow through with a pitch shot is the only other thing that is different from a normal swing, as you swing through with a pitch you don’t want to release or rotate the club face closed, this should remain open to generate more backspin for when the ball lands giving you greater control.