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How To Cure Your Chicken Wing

A chicken wing is the position the left arm gets into on the follow through, instead of the elbow folding nicely into the body and allowing the club face to rotate naturally on the way through, the elbow comes out away from the body taking away any release that you would have had. The chicken wing is usually caused by what happens on the downswing. The following video will explain where the problem occurs and How To Cure Your Chicken Wing, there are a couple of drills that you can do to get the correct feeling of what you are trying to achieve.

Fixing the chicken wing

The chicken wing is usually caused when people cast the club from the top of the downswing or start down too much by pulling the left arm down to the ball as a pose to pushing down with the right hand on top of the club. When they pull down with the left arm this causes the arm to separate from the body and all the lag is then lost making the swing very steep into the ball,
because the swing is very steep the player then needs to pull the left arm away from the ground subsequently causing the left arm to detach from the body instead of folding into the correct position. This video will explain about the down swing and will then lead into how to improve the follow through where by the left elbow is folding into the right position.