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How To Chip In Golf

Learning How To Chip In Golf is vital if you want to lower your scores.  The chip shot in golf is a swing that doesn’t go past waist height on the backswing. It can be performed with a range of clubs and is performed within 25 yards of the hole and under. We use a range of clubs depending upon how high we want to hit the chip, if we want the chip to go high and land softly so that it stops we would use a sand or a lob wedge. If we have more green to work with the easiest option would be to use a 7 iron and play a chip and run shot.

The golf Chipping swing and set up

To set up for the swing we want our feet 10cm apart with the left foot drawn back slightly, this will help to clear our hips out of the way and allow our arms to swing through easier. The ball can be placed centre to back of the stance depending on if we want to hit a high or a low chip and the we position 70% of our weight on our left foot. With regards to the swing it pretty much mirrors the putting stroke although we can add a bit of wrist hinge into the motion to help us to deliver the club head underneath the ball. A key position for the follow through is a straight left wrist position.