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How To Aim In Golf

Many people can hit the ball well on the golf range but then when they get out on the course the ball flies everywhere. This can sometimes be partly caused by the fact that on the golf range you have a mat aiming you to the target where as on the golf course you have nothing to help you to aim up. Aiming to a target that is sometimes 300 yards away is no easy task but I have devised an easy solution to make sure you have a pin point accurate aim every time. Watch the following video for golf tips on how to aim in golf.

The easy way to aim in golf

Stand directly behind the target and the ball then draw an imaginary line back to the ball. Pick a point on this line about 6 inches in front of the golf ball. Walk into the ball keeping your eye focussed on the secondary target and line your club face up to this target. Then open the feet so that they are parallel left of the aim line, just like a train track, one rail represents the ball to target line and the other rail represents the foot line which is parallel left of the ball to target line. Now you will be aiming perfectly at the target which gives you a much better chance of hitting your ball in the right direction.