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Hold Your Posture Angles Better

A lost of inconsistencies will occur in your shot pattern if you can’ t Hold Your Posture Angles Better  during the swing. If you look at the best players in the world, it almost looks as if they are just pivoting around a central point, the sternum. Where as people who don’t do this and move a lot from side to side of up and down will tend to hit a large amount of bad shots whether it be thins, fats, tops, slices or hooks. If you move your posture angles a lot this simple drill in the video will help you to become a lot more consistent

Maintain better posture angles

This video will give you the most amazing drill to maintain your posture angles. When you are doing the drill it is virtually impossible to move from side to side or up and down without losing balance and falling over. Once you have performed the drill, you simply return back to your existing golfing posture and take the feeling from the drill into the actual swing. The right foot back drill will also promote a nice backswing plane, it will also firm up your hip on the downswing if your tendency is to spin out a lot with hips but the major benefits of the drill is holding posture angles throughout the swing.