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Hit The Golf Ball High

There are occasions on the golf course where you would need to be able to Hit The Golf Ball High, the main situation for this would be a recovery shot over a tree to get you back into position if you’ve missed the fairway. When hitting a ball high you will need to take one extra club. The reason for taking an extra club is because the ball will be traveling more upwards than forwards.

How to hit the high shot in golf

When hitting the ball higher in golf you can adopt the same back swing as for a regular golf shot. The main differences in the swing occur when you are coming into impact. When you are at the impact position you will basically lean backwards on to your right side and your hand position will be behind the ball. Both of these things will assist you in hitting the ball much higher, just be careful that if you are leaning back on impact that you don’t top the ball. This shot should be practiced on the driving first until you get used to it then you can take it onto the course.