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Hit The Ball Low In Golf

There are several occasions on the golf course where you would need to hit the ball low in golf, maybe you’re playing into the wind and don’t want the wind to affect the flight to much or perhaps you’d like to hit a recovery shot from the trees and you need to keep it below some branches. What ever your need to hit the ball low it is definitely a very important shot to possess and can really help you to keep the scores lower on a more consistent basis.

How to hit a low shot in golf

Hitting the ball low is not particularly difficult when you know how. To hit it really low you can move the ball back in your stance and even lean slightly more onto the left foot. When it comes to the swing the most important factor in hitting the ball low is that you keep your hands way ahead of the ball on impact. In doing this you will create an excessive forward shaft lean which in turn will de-loft the golf club causing the ball to fly off the club head much lower. You shouldn’t follow through that much with a low shot either, try to make the finish of the swing around waist height on the way through.