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Green Side Bunker Shot

Playing a green side bunker shot is easy providing that you have the correct technique. Most people don’t and set up to the shot as if it were a chip and that particular type of swing will only work occasionally and will hardly ever work when the pressure is on and the shot really counts for something. The best players in the world will make sand saves,(bunker shot and one putt) about 70% of the time so if we can aim to get up and down out of the bunker 50% of the time we will be doing very well.

How to play a green side bunker shot

The following video explains all of the correct techniques required to play a green side bunker shot ranging from the correct set-up and club selection as well as the best swing to perform for this shot. Once the technique has been learnt it then goes into an awareness exercise to make sure you are impacting the sand in the correct place and with the correct depth of divot.  Once you have studied the video and done the drills a few times you will initially have no problem getting out of the sand in one go initially then once you practice it a bit more you will start to gain some real control.