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The Correct Wrist Angle

The correct wrist angle at the top of the backswing is where the back of the left hand is lined up with the left forearm. The club face, in turn will be parallel to the left wrist. If any of these angles are out it will usually be caused by one of two things. An incorrect grip or an incorrect amount of forearm rotation on the backswing. There are two incorrect wrist positions at the top of the backswing, one is a cupped position and the other is a bowed position.

The Perfect wrist position at the top of your golf swing

If your club faced is too closed on the backswing this will cause you to be in a bowed position at the top of the swing. People that get into this bowed position quite often will have applied the left hand incorrectly onto the golf club making it difficult for them to hinge their wrists correctly when they take the club away. The cupped position is causes when somebody over rotates the golf club on the backswing. This cupped wrist position will make them swing the club across the line making it difficult for them to swing down effectively from this position.