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Stabilise lower Body

It is important to Stabilise Lower Body when you perform your backswing as this will help you to swing the club back on the right plane. If the left knee moves too much to the right on the backswing then this will cause you to over rotate your hips and swing the club back to flat. It is also important to keep the knees in a solid position, we don’t want the knees to lose height either in the swing as this will lead to you lowering your centre of gravity too much which will result in you hitting a lot of fat shots. It is vital that we have a stable base to swing around in order to hit consistent golf shots.

Lower body stability in the golf backswing

If you are over moving your left knee too much in the backswing thus causing an over rotation of the hips, a good swing thought for you to have is that you are buried up to your waist in sand when you are swinging the club. If you can visualise this then hopefully what it will do is get you using the upper body much more in the backswing reducing the amount that your hips are turning. This will lead to a much more stable base for you to perform your swing from. Pay attention to your knees when you swing and make sure that they are not dropping down on the backswing also.