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Number 1 Drill for Golf Downswing Plane

Providing that you are in the correct position at the top of the golf swing you should be able to start down correctly no problem but sometimes people have had a backswing fault like looping the club or swinging across the line for a long time which means that even with a good position at the top, they will still need to learn the correct downswing as their old downswing will still be very much ingrained. This exercise is designed to give you the correct feeling of how to start down with the club in the correct position and in my opinion is the Number 1 Drill for Golf Downswing plane .

Correct your downswing plane Golf downswing

In the downswing in golf we ideally want the shaft to fall between the arms when viewed from a down the line perspective. Most people will either come from over the top, which will be in front of the arms or they will deliver the club too much from the inside and get the shaft stuck behind them in the downswing. To perform this exercise it is best if you have a mirror behind you on the driving range, simply perform your backswing then look in the mirror and let the shaft come down between the arms, pump the shaft up and down twice and then hit. This exercise will help to give you the feeling of the correct downswing plane.