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Drill To Stop a Flat Backswing

Her’s a great Drill to Stop a Flat Backswing.  Many of the golfers that I meet for the first time take the club head too flat and underneath the shaft plane at the takeaway of the golf swing, this then leads to them swinging across the line at the top. I would say I see this fault in 70% of golfers that I meet. People that swing under the plane line are either staring the swing too much with the body instead of the arms, fanning the club face open too much or not allowing the arms to travel upwards enough. Knowing the correct plane line to take the club back on is one thing, but actually being able to swing the club back on that plane is another.

Stop swinging flat and below the plane line

What I found when I first started coaching people is that I would see their flat takeaway, then give them the feeling of the correct takeaway, but when they came around to performing the swing they would go back to their old fault. After numerous hours of trying to figure out why this was happening I experimented with giving the pupil an over exaggerated feeling of what I wanted them to feel. For each swing they did I would over do the feeling then when it came around to them swinging they could get into the right position first time, this is a great Drill to stop a Flat Backswing.