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Golf Swing Tempo and Timing

Having a great Golf Swing Tempo and Timing technique is a very important factor for being in good control of the golf ball.   If you look at the really consistent golfers over the years, players such as Ernie Els and Luke Donald, you can see how their tempo and timing has been such a crucial contributing factor to their success.

Developing the correct Tempo and Timing in your golf swing

To get the correct tempo and timing in your golf swing you need two things to take place. Firstly you need to be able to start the swing with the correct synchronisation and secondly you need to have a good awareness of where the club head is as you are swinging. The correct way to start the swing is by letting the golf club go first then allow the arms and the body to be pulled by the club. Once the swing is in motion a great way to develop awareness of where the golf club is is by saying to yourself or a friend 1, when the club head reaches the top of the backswing and 2, when the club impacts the ball. This will help you to get the club and body working in the correct synchronisation with each other.