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Golf Shot Chipping From An Upslope

Here’s how to play the Golf Shot Chipping From An Upslope.  Having the intuitive skill to be able to play shots like this will really help to lower your scores in the long term. The reason why people can’t play this type of shot is because they haven’t practiced from this position very much. There are some subtle differences between playing a chip from an upslope to playing a chip from a standard lie. Once you understand these differences you will have no problem in getting the ball near the hole from this position.

How to chip from an upslope in golf

When chipping from an upslope you should set your body up in a different way to a standard chip. You may find that if the upslope is severe that you will have to stand wider than you would with a conventional chip. Also with a normal chip you would usually stand with more weight on the left foot but you must be careful that you don’t do this too much as this will cause you to hit into the slope to steeply causing a fat shot. When you hit a shot off an upslope you should hit the shot a little harder as the ball will be traveling upwards more and it will also stop more quickly as the ball will be coming in from a greater height.