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Golf Full Swing Ball Below Feet

Playing The Golf Full Swing Ball Below Feet shot can be difficult for a lot of players. The tendency for most people is to top the ball from this type of lie because the ball is further away from your body making it harder for you to get the club below the ball. When the ball is below the feet the other effect that this will have on the ball is it will slice or fade, this is because the swing plane will have to be more upright for this type of shot in order for you to get the golf club underneath the ball.

How to play a shot when the ball is below your feet in golf

The first thing to do when the ball is below your feet is to aim 5-10 yards to the left of target as the more upright swing required for this shot will cause the ball to move from left to right in the air. With regards to the posture you need to tilt over a bit more from the waist to assist you in getting the club underneath the ball. The swing should be performed mainly with the arms to ensure that you keep a nice stable base and don’t lose balance and the final key point is to stay tilted over through impact so that you don’t straighten up and top the ball which is a common fault for a lot of players.