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Golf Full Swing Ball Above Feet

A lot of people say that their performance is different between when they practice and when they play golf, one of the main reasons for this is that when you are practicing on the driving range you are only really practicing from a flat lie, you never face hitting shots from awkward lies like playing the Golf Full Swing Ball Above Feet . Theres nothing worse than hitting the ball down the middle of the fairway only to find that when you get there the ball is above your feet for your next shot. Playing a full shot when the ball is above your feet is a lot more challenging than playing a shot from a flat lie and you have to change several things in your set up and aim in order to perform this shot well.

Golf swing Ball above feet

When hitting a shot with the ball above your feet you need to change several things in your set up and swing. The first of these changes should be aiming 5-10 yards to the right as the ball will tend to draw from this lie because when the ball is above your feet the swing plane will be flatter and flat golf swings cause the ball to draw. The key set up changes that need to be made are firstly that you grip down on the club to allow for the ball being above the feet then balance yourself into the slope and secondly you should position the ball near to the middle of the stance to allow for the flatter swing regardless of what club you are using the ball should always be pretty much central in your stance. You will have to take one extra club per inch you grip down the club as a shorter golf club goes roughly 10 yards less in distance so make sure you allow for this.