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Golf baseball swing

The Golf baseball swing is a great drill for forming the basis of a golf swing without over complicating things. Swinging the club at baseball height can really help you to see if your swing is on the correct plane. The starting position for the baseball swing is when the hands are just below the sternum and the club is just above it. Then think about making a circle with the head of the club, as you do this the wrists will start to hinge, the trail elbow will fold correctly, the torso will start to turn, and then the same will happen on the follow through. You can achieve so many of the correct movements of the golf swing by doing this drill. Yes it may make you a little bit handsy and flippy but those things can be easily fixed at a later stage. This drill would be good enough to get you down to a single figure handicap which exceed most people goals anyway.

The bdgolftv circle

Once you’ve mastered the swing at baseball height simply take the feeling down to ground level in 2 more stages. Firstly knee height and then at the tee, remember at each height that the swing thought is to form a circle with the club around the sternum and nothing else.