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Golf Backswing Perfect Position

Getting the  Golf Backswing Perfect Position is pretty crucial as this will then make it a lot easier for you to swing down on the correct path into the ball. If the hands are too upright or too deep behind you then this will lead to me drastic movement or re routing of the club to take place which make it difficult for you to produce consistent straight ball striking on a regular basis. There are some golfers that can do this but they all have particularly good rhythms which helps them greatly.

Simple golf backswing drill Perfect position at the top

One of the simplest ways to perform the Golf Backswing Perfect Position is to point the butt of the club to the plane line. Not only will this get you swinging on the correct plane in the backswing but it will also stop you from over swinging or getting narrow at the top of your swing. If you were to over swing or get narrow at the top the butt of the club will not be pointing at the plane line, instead it will be pointing at the sky or behind you.