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Downhill Lie Golf Shot

Most people will top the golf ball when playing a shot from a Downhill Lie Golf Shot . This is because they have not made the necessary changes to there set up and swing to perform the shot correctly. There are several key factors that need to be made to the stance and the ball position when setting up to the ball. This short tip in the following video will tell you all you need to know about how to hit a ball from a downhill lie successfully every time.

How to hit from a downhill lie in golf

When faced with the challenge of hitting from a downhill lie. You must ensure that you have made the following changes to your golfing set up. The major aim when playing this shot is to get your shoulders perpendicular to the slope in order to stop you from topping the ball. If you lean your weight more on the lower foot and place the ball further back in your stance this will help you to line the shoulders up with the slope. The ball will fade a bit from this position as the swing will become steeper with this set up, the most important change that you will need to make with your golf swing is to remember to stay down on the shot for longer as you swing through and try to follow the contour of the slope with your club head this will prevent you from topping the ball.